Paul Palmer-Edwards is an award-winning, graphic designer, renowned for his book design and layout skills. From concept-design and visualisation, through illustration, production and artwork, to print management. He is responsible for every stage of the design process. 

“Being collaborative is fundamental to my approach to the design process and I have been lucky enough to build close working relationships with many of my clients. My 18 years experience working as a creative director/founder of a busy London-based, design agency, have given me a thorough understanding of how each part of the design process works, making for a trouble-free workflow. I offer creative vision as well as practical advice on which font to choose, or the most economic page format at the early design stage of your project, through to answering your questions about paper stocks, or print finishing during the final stages of your project.”

Paul has received industry recognition for his designs, including two International Society of Typographic Design, ‘Certificates of Excellence’, and his work has been published in various design manuals, including Grids (Ava Acedemia), Logotype (Laurence King) and Diagrams (Rotovision). He is the co-author of The Art of British Rock (Frances Lincoln) and his books have been awarded numerous ​​​​​​​accolades, including 'Best Non-Fiction Lifestyle Book' at the British Book Awards and 'Drink Book of the Year' at The Fortnum & Mason Book Awards.

“Each new project brings with it, its own unique set of challenges – the more individual the subject is, the more exciting the challenges are to make that subject come alive. I aim to bring a fresh and modern perspective with my designs that arrests both your eye and your intellect.”

When he's not designing, Paul spends his time getting lost in the countryside, or writing letters to Mojo magazine.
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